To grow a lot of and more business with social responsibilities

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Priyansi Corporation

  • Mission

To clean and to guard ocean setting by our services to those ships that generates terminated sludge oil, ship scraps , ship garbage etc. we tend to clean ship at our greatest.

  • Vision

To give best & quality services in shipping business.

To grow a lot of and more business with social responsibilities.

To offer needed recent provisions to ships.

To maintain best client relationships.

who are we?

Priyansi Corporation is a registered shipping service supplier company. we tend to pride ourselves as being associate Sludge Oild Slop removal, ship improvement specialised company providing our specialized services within the shipping industries.Our Mission we tend to look for to determine addressing purchasers that may shut down the ships and supply meaty and appreciated opportunities for all concerned To monetaryly reward our ‘Clients’ by providing them with state of the art services and support in the shipping industries whereas up our financial standing.

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Our Services


Sludge Oil Discharge

Ship – shore Sludge discharge operation concerned various hazards and careful thought can got to be created for safe coming up with and execution.


Ship Waste Removal

Our Ship Waste Removal Services provides trash, foreign garbage and scrap removal by launch and trash and foreign garbage removal by truck.


Ship Chandling

As a supposed distributor in Republic of India, we tend to offer an entire stock of recent Provisions and that we conjointly provide some specialty foods.


Ship Cleaning

By Ship cleansing Services we have a tendency to Residues and harmful marine are collected in an exceedingly special waste filter unit connected.